COVID cravings

COVID Cravings: 10 Weird Foods You’re Suddenly Into (And What Science Has to Say About It)

By now, you’ve probably noticed that at least every now and then, you’ve been eating a few different foods than you did before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Maybe you had a regimented healthy diet before being stuck at home and now you enjoy a cookie or two every hour. Or perhaps you’ve changed out your diet of vegetables and fruits for pounds of sharp cheddar cheese. Either way, science says your COVID cravings are completely normal.

According to Men’s Health (who spoke with Kent Berridge, Ph.D., a James Olds Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan Department of Psychology), your food cravings are connected to your brain. And obviously being quarantined at home, surrounded by unhealthy food choices, is going to impact what you eat. It’s not even that you’re just working from home under normal circumstances. You’re surrounded by stress and anxiety and this is why we’re craving peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and ramen with a melted slice of American cheese on top.

Below you’ll find a few strange food choices that you may or may not be enjoying while at home.

Photo: Tara Moore (Getty Images)

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