RANKED! The Mandatory 10 Best Whiskeys

For the uninitiated, the world of whiskey might seem really complicated. There’s bourbon, rye, Japanese whisky, Scotch, and many more styles. Even these categories have varieties. A good example is single malt Scotch and blended Scotch. Confused yet?

Well, don’t worry. If you’re open to it, you can easily learn all about the various forms of whiskey (or whisky) and the subtle (and not so subtle) nuances that separate them. You can read all you want about the processes involved in the distillation of each, the ingredients used, and the countries they’re produced in, but there’s really only one way to learn about them and that’s by actually drinking each whiskey variety.

To help you with your discoveries, we decided to make a helpful list of our top 10 favorite whiskeys. We tried to be diverse in our picks with various forms of the spirit. Check them all out below.

Photo: krisanapong detraphiphat (Getty Images)

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