Alcohol Education: 10 Mandatory Facts to Know About Whiskey

At Mandatory, we love whiskey. Whether it’s bourbon, Scotch, rye, or Japanese whisky, we can’t get enough of it. We enjoy it straight, on the rocks, and in cocktails like the iconic Old-Fashioned or the more contemporary Penicillin.

For those new to this planet, whiskey (or whisky depending on the country it’s made in) is a distilled, alcoholic spirit made from fermented grains, including rye, barley, corn, or wheat (besides a handful of other ingredients). After distillation, the spirit is usually matured in wood barrels for a varying amount of time. That is the most basic description, but this truly global spirit is so much more complicated than that.

That’s why we decided that the time was right to have a little alcohol education class. Here are 10 Mandatory facts you need to know about whiskey.

Photo: ipopba (Getty Images)

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