Whiskey Wars: Jameson Ups the Ante by Dropping a Caffeinated Cold Brew Beverage

Before the days of unicorn Frappuccinos and salted caramel macchiatos, there was plain old black coffee. If we were feeling adventurous, we might a dash of creamer and a spoon of sugar. Then cold brew coffee hit the caffeine scene and we got addicted. Now there’s a new obsession-worthy beverage on the horizon: cold brew whiskey. This isn’t your grandpa’s coffee-flavored liqueur. It’s Jameson Cold Brew and it’s a combination of cold brew coffee flavor and Jameson Irish whiskey. It’s like a cold Irish coffee in a bottle and we can definitely get behind that. Plus, it’s made with Arabica beans and has no sugar added to it. Did we mention it was a whiskey too?

Don’t sleep on this hyper-caffeinated aged spirit, though, because it’s only available for a limited time. In fact, it’s not even available in stores until March (just in time for St. Patrick’s Day debauchery). If you want it sooner, it’s available for purchase on Reserve Bar.

We all know that mixing booze and caffeine is a potentially disastrous combination (we’re looking at you, Four Loko) so definitely take it easy with this one. We’ve even dropped a few GIFs below to show you just how crazy too much caffeine can make a person.

Photo: Jameson

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