Here’s the Perfect Christmas Tree For Guys Who Love Whiskey and Hate Picking Up Pine Needles

While it might surprise you, the holidays are almost upon us. Even though it seems like summer just ended, Thanksgiving is next week. And, while the holiday will be different than most years that doesn’t stop it from being the official gateway to Christmas and all of its holly jolly, pine-scented majesty. But, with the ongoing post-election stresses, the never-ending pandemic, and the usual stress and anxiety that comes with the holidays, we’re probably going to crack open a few more bottles of whiskey than usual. We plan to enjoy so much Scotch, bourbon, rye, and Irish whiskey that we’d rather have a tree made of bottles of booze than pine, and thanks to the folks at Jameson, we actually can.

Instead of getting pine needles all over your carpet this year, instead, opt for a 9-foot tall Christmas tree made of 130 (empty) bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey. The tree has a specially designed lighting system that makes all of the bottles twinkle much better than those ancient lights you usually put on your basic, boring tree.

“Place our Jameson Whiskey Tree in your window and your neighbors will be green with envy, guaranteed,” Angelica Scibilio, brand director of Jameson said in a press release. “We understand the holidays are different this year, and we hope our legendary trees will give a few lucky consumers some extraordinary holiday memories with friends and family.”

Sadly, like with all great things, it’s not going to be easy to get one. If you want a tree made of 130 bottles of whiskey, you can’t just buy it (it would probably be crazy expensive anyway). You have until Nov. 20 to enter to win one of these limited-edition trees. Or, if you don’t want a tree that your dog will eventually tip over, spilling glass all over your living room, you can enter to send one to a booze-loving friend, family member, or co-worker. Nobody is going to top that holiday gift. Plus, even though the bottles on the tree are empty (it would be uncomfortably heavy otherwise), winners also receive a $45 gift certificate to grab their own bottle of Jameson.

If you’re one of the lucky few to win one of these trees, Jameson will deliver it in the first week of December so you have weeks of staring gape-jawed at the twinkling bottles while you sip on a whiskey (or three).

Photo: Jameson Irish Whiskey

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