The Delicate Art of Telling Your Parents You’re Not Coming Home For the Holidays (Something to Be Grateful For)

2020 continues to be a year unlike any other. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. earlier this year, none of us (except maybe Dr. Fauci) could have predicted that we’d still be social distancing through the holidays. But here we are, in the midst of the third wave of COVID-19 with some states hitting all-time highs of case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths from the virus. It’s a terrible time to travel — even the CDC says so — and if you can stay put this holiday season, you definitely should.

Making the decision to stay home, binge-watch Christmas classics, and order in your favorite festive meals might be easy, but telling your parents you’re not coming home for the holidays is going to be tough. That’s why we created this super-helpful guide, which will ease the blow of the “you’re on your own this year” announcement. If your parents still can’t understand why you’re sitting 2020’s festivities out, give them our number so they can lodge their complaints. We’ll be sure to let their calls go to voicemail.

Cover Photo: MixMedia (Getty Images)

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