This Nitro Brew Cold Brew Maker Is Like a Mini Keg for Your Coffee

There are two types of coffee in the world: the fancy types you buy from a barista for $5, and cups of black, burnt drip coffee that you forgot you made and ended up drinking cold. Those are the only options, and anyone pretending like they can make good coffee at home is sitting on a throne of lies!

Okay that’s probably not true, but it is true that making good coffee at home is a pain in the butt that you can avoid by picking up the Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker, currently discounted to $129.99 from its usual price of $179. 

One of the big advantages of adding nitrous oxide or nitrogen to your coffee is that it reduces acidity, resulting in a thicker cold brew texture. It also adds sweetness, creating a bit of a pleasant kick that’s entirely distinct from the flavors you normally associate with coffee. On top of that, the coffee stays good longer, so you don’t need to worry about that weird old-leather-shoe flavor that often impugns the experience of drinking coffee that’s been left out for just a bit too long. Basically, it’s an entirely new experience, and one you’ll love.

Plus, cold brew has the unique pleasure of coming with a dispenser. You can literally pull the coffee out of this maker like you’re getting a beer at a bar – and since this is a nitrogen dispenser, you can also fill it with any other nitrogen beverage you can think of! Can you think of any? We can think of a few.

So if you want dual action coffee pouring, delicious cold coffee, delicious frothy stout beer, and coffee that tastes particularly special without the dilution of cream or sweetener, then the Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker should be your next big kitchen investment. At the very least, you’ll be able to throw a sweet themed party.

Prices subject to change.