International Whiskey Day

Whiskey Business: The Best Beginners Scotch To Drink On International Whiskey Day

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Whether you enjoy whisky or whiskey, March 27 is your day. That’s because, since 2008, that’s the date when drinkers all over the world celebrate International Whiskey Day. So, raise a dram of your favorite whisky (or whiskey), or your favorite whisky-based cocktail and celebrate this truly global spirit.

Since the founders of the holiday count bourbon, rye, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, and even Canadian whiskey as fair play, feel free to toast a tipple of Woodford Reserve or Yamazaki. But we’ll make like Ron Burgundy and stick to Scotch.

Scotland is divided into five, distinct whisky-producing regions (six if you count all the islands). They are Speyside, the Lowlands, the Highlands, Campbeltown, and Islay. Each area is known for its own nuances. You might already know about the use of peat smoke in the flavor of Islay whiskies, but did you know that Speyside contains by far the most distilleries in the country? Don’t worry if the thought of stepping knee-deep into the world of Scotch seems daunting; there’s a lot to learn.

But, that shouldn’t deter you from giving it a try. That’s why we decided to list our favorite Scotch from each region along with a few runners-up. Check them all out below and get sipping.

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