Bartender Approved: 8 Classic Cocktails Bartenders Live And Die By

Photo: Pekic (Getty Images)

The cocktail business is ripe with trends. Depending on the week (and time of year) another unique, exotic ingredient is trending. For a while, bartenders were exploring the use of activated charcoal in cocktails. The trend was so prevalent that if you ask most bartenders about it now, they’ll shudder and roll their eyes. But, even though trends like activated charcoal, pumpkin spice (and its horrifically cloying flavor), and cocktails that take 15 minutes to make, have come and gone, classic cocktails are always in fashion.

Like telling Alexa to play Creedence Clearwater Revival, bartenders never get sick of the hits. And by hits, we mean classic mixed drinks that have been around since the inception of cocktailing as we know it. Eight bartenders chimed in and gave us their choices for the best, most important, delicious classic cocktails.

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