8 Mistakes Every Amateur Makes When Crafting a Cocktail

Photo: The Good Brigade (Getty Images)

Cocktail culture in America is a big deal. Highly skilled mixologists are getting acclaim on par with celebrity chefs. Sure, the pandemic is hit the brakes a bit on the cocktail renaissance, but it definitely hasn’t ended it. You can still find at least a few creative, talented cocktail bars in most major cities (and in most cases a bunch). Not only has this explosion in cocktail culture led to the ability to sip delicious cocktails from coast to coast, but it has also led to an increase in home bartending.

But this isn’t necessarily a good thing. That’s because amateur cocktail enthusiasts, without the proper knowledge, can find themselves making easily fixable mistakes. These simple errors can result in a watery, flavorless, or un-balanced drink. Fear not, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find eight mistakes many amateur mixologists make. Simply don’t do these things and you’re guaranteed to mix up high-quality or at the very least, palatable drinks.


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