Upgrade Your Cocktail-Making Skills With These Expert-Led Classes

As states continue to reopen and shut right back down after the surge in coronavirus cases, a lot of bars have also been hit hard by the state of things. We — the poor customers — sit back at home on the weekends, thinking back to a time when our favorite nighttime spots used to be so full of people you could barely turn around without nudging someone’s drink, and when the coolest bartenders used to handle cocktail shakers expertly and fix us amazing drinks.

While we wait for a time in the near future when we can return to the warmth of a nice bar, you can also upgrade your homemade cocktails with The Mixologist and Budding Bartender Bundle. This package contains nine courses that will guide you on the essentials in cocktail-making and bartending, and after going through the lessons, you’ll be able to beat any pro mixologist at their own game.

If you’ve been getting through lockdown weekends with nothing but a few unimpressive cocktails, then this bundle is the remedy for your weekly Friday night dilemma. There are 179 lessons on the types, styles, and flavors of whiskey, wine, brandy, gin, vodka, Japanese sake, cordials and liqueurs, tequila and mezcal, and rum. You’ll also be shown how they’re made! The instructor, Carlos Batista, is a certified mixologist and hospitality expert who will also train you on how to make a wide range of cocktails and other drinks, and how to serve them the right way.

Even if you do just one thing while the lockdown lasts, let it be knowing how to shake up a mean Long Island or a crazy Old Fashioned. It’s one skill that you can always put to good use, even when we’re all able to go out again. The entire bundle has a total retail value of $449, but you can get it at $29.99, a 93% discount that’s just as incredible as the drinks you’re going to be making soon.

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