Scotch Whisky

The Best Whisky in the World is One You Can Actually Afford

Photo: Pamela Webb / EyeEm (Getty Images)

When we think about award-winning whisky (especially Scotch) we tend to imagine expensive, long-matured spirits that most of us will likely never have a chance to sample. But, what if we told you that wasn’t necessarily true? Sure, you can pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to buy a bottle of The Macallan that began aging when your father was in high school. But, if you pay attention to booze news lately, you don’t really need to. That’s because a bottle of whisky listed for just under $18 has been named Best Scotch Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards. But that price isn’t even the most interesting aspect of this story.

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The whisky, called Queen Margot, is exclusively available at Lidl supermarkets. For those unfamiliar with the World Whiskies Awards, it’s one of the most-respected whisky (and whiskey) contests in the world. The panel of 40 experts sampled various Scotch whiskies and selected the eight-year-old Queen Margot as the best. It beat out a handful of well-respected brands, including Johnnie Walker Black.

Photo: Lidl

This whisky isn’t just a gimmick by any means. It’s a true Scotch whisky and deserves a place in your liquor cabinet. It was distilled, blended, and bottled in Scotland. Grab yourself a bottle (or two) and brag to your friends and family that you “splurged” on a bottle of the best Scotch in the world.

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The only downside is that you can’t buy it online. So, if you don’t have a Lidl near you, you’ll have to take a road trip to Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, or Georgia. Trust us, it’s worth it. At the very least you’ll be able to look like a fancy gentleman to your buddies; that is, until they realize you only paid $18 dollars for that bottle. Once they do, you’ll look pretty silly with your monocle and smoking jacket.


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