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7 Classic Cocktail Recipes Every Self-Respecting Adult Should Know

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When you turn 21, your alcohol knowledge is fairly limited. Maybe you know a little about light beer brands like Natural Light, Keystone, and Milwaukee’s Best. Perhaps, due to your love for Jeffrey Lebowski, you actually know how to make a White Russian (or at the very least how to order one). But, it’s likely your cocktail recipes don’t go beyond mixing vodka with Red Bull or Jack Daniel’s and cola. It’s okay, you were young, and we’ve all been there.

As you get older, just as your knowledge of the broader world should grow, your ability to shake up cocktails should mature as well. You can still whip up a rum and cola from time to time, but you should also be able to impress a potential mate by mixing up drinks with more complex ingredients and a little technique.

Here are the classic cocktail recipes every self-respecting adult should know.

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