Bartender Approved Whiskey Cocktails

Bartender Approved: The Best Whiskey Cocktails For Winter Drinking

Photo: Alexey Dulin / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Winter is drinking time. If you live in the areas of the country routinely blanked by snow and smothered in cold temperatures, what else are you going to do? After you just spent an hour shoveling your driveway do you want to go inside and have a cup of hot cocoa? Heck no! You want a warming, booze-filled, classic hot toddy with hot water, lemon, honey, and your favorite whiskey. Now doesn’t that sound a lot better than a mug of sugary chocolate water? It certainly does to us.

Since our favorite winter sport is drinking (curling is a close second because you can do it with a beer in hand) we asked a handful of our favorite bartenders to let us in on their secret to staying warm and slightly buzzed this winter. You can check out all of their recommended whiskey cocktails below.

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