Group of friends having fun at the pub drinking beer.

These Are the Most Popular Drinks Across the U.S. According to Barflies

Like everything we put down our gullets, be it food or drink, preferences are regional. You can’t expect everyone from the West Coast to the East Coast to agree on what the best flavor, cuisine, or beverage is. Besides, why would we want them to? Variety is the spice of life, after all.

But one curious writer named Quinn Myers over at Mel Magazine decided to find out what’s trending at watering holes across the country. He called up bartenders nationwide and asked what regulars order when they step up to the bar. He compiled the results in an article cleverly titled “What’s Your Sip Code?” and rounded it out with a pretty little chart for those of us who don’t like to read.

We’ve summarized those findings in listicle format with hilarious GIFs so that the next time you find yourself in unfamiliar territory (literally), you can order drinks like one of the locals, not a yokel. Bottom’s up!

Cover Photo: FreshSplash (Getty Images)