National Margarita Day

Screw the Snow: National Margarita Day Tells You So

Photo: Bob Muschitz (Getty Images)

There’s something ridiculous about the fact that it’s snowing seemingly every day in vast swaths of the country, yet we are expected to celebrate ridiculous, made-up food and drink holidays. Not that we’re hating on National Margarita Day. But what genius decided that an extremely summery cocktail should be celebrated in the height of the winter? It’s would be like celebrating National Hot Chocolate Day in July.

Regardless, we’ll crank up the heat, turn on our fake sunlight lamp, and shake and pour up some tasty tequila-filled margaritas. If you’re planning to celebrate the holiday, make us a deal. Stay away from bottom-shelf tequila (we’re looking at you gold tequila). We know Margarita Day falls on a Friday, but you wouldn’t want to spend your whole Saturday nursing a wicked, brain-exploding hangover, would you? You probably have errands to run or, at the very least, something fun planned.

But just because you’re staying away from the bottom shelf, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend your whole 401K to get a buzz on. There are myriad great tequilas available and we tasked a handful of bartenders with finding them for us. You can check out all of their favorites for mixing into a margarita below.

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