10 Bucket List IPAs To Drink On National IPA Day

Photo: Andrea Migliarini (Getty Images)

The first Thursday in August is a special day for beer fans. That’s because it’s National IPA Day, the one day we officially celebrate the classic India Pale Ale. You know, the slightly (sometimes overly) bitter, hoppy beer that you either love or hate. The beer that was originally created in the 1700s when pale ales were loaded with extra hops to keep them fresh on the journey from England to India. The beer that’s so complex that it branches out into multiple versions including West Coast, session, English, and even New England-style IPAs. Yeah, that beer. Today is its day in the proverbial sun.

To fully embrace the style, you need to try the best. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make a list of the all-time greats. This is the Mandatory IPA bucket list. From coast to coast, you’ll find highly rated, delicious IPAs waiting to be enjoyed. Check them all out below and get your drink on!