Strange Brews: Banana Milkshake Beer Feels Like Our Inner Child Was Left Alone to the Brewery

Photo: Sheetz

The world of craft beer seems to have two sides. On one side are the classic pale ales, lagers, wheat beers, and IPAs. On the other is New England-style IPAs, fruited sours, bourbon barrel-aged stouts, milkshake IPAs, and all around odd ingredients. The latter is the strangest of the bunch. Milkshake IPAs are so named because of the addition of fruity flavors and milk sugar. The style doesn’t really appeal to beer purists, but if it’s something you enjoy, Sheetz just dropped the mother of all milkshake IPAs: a milkshake IPA based on an actual milkshake.

The beer called Project I Scream, Brew Scream is currently available at 500 Sheetz stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia. It’s a strawberry-banana milkshake IPA made in collaboration with the folks from Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Company.

But it doesn’t just resemble a strawberry banana milkshake, it was actually brewed with strawberry and banana puree from Sheetz. It’s sold in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans while supplies last. And, since it dropped on Friday, there’s a good chance quantities are fairly limited by now.

This isn’t the first time Sheetz has collaborated with a brewery to drop a unique beer. Previously, the chain has released Coffee Hopz IPA using coffee beans, Project Blueberry Muffinz with blueberry muffins, Project Happy Hole-idayz made with real donut holes, and Project Hop Dog, a beer made with hot dogs.


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