Creme Yourself: Cadbury Egg-Flavored Beer Is the Easter Treat For Adults With No Respect For Boundaries

Photo: Goose Island/Cadbury

While they might seem gimmicky and oftentimes completely unnecessary, we love a good stunt beer. This is especially true when they’re brewed using a strange ingredient that you wouldn’t normally associate with beer. In the past, we’ve seen Skittles, doughnut holes, Peeps, Sour Patch Kids, and even hot dogs. Now, to celebrate the greatest Easter candy of all time, a brewery is releasing a Cadbury Creme Egg-flavored beer.

If you’re like us, you’re probably going to enjoy your fair share of Cadbury Crème Eggs this Easter season. Regardless of religious affiliation (or no affiliation), we can all appreciate the gooey caramel, crème, and rich, sweet milk chocolate that surrounds it. It’s like biting into a grenade filled with deliciousness instead of explosives.

To celebrate this iconic chocolate treat, Cadbury teamed up with Chicago-based brewery Goose Island to create the limited-edition Goose Island x Cadbury Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout. It was brewed not only to celebrate the start of the Easter season but to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the candy.

And, while it sadly doesn’t contain any Cadbury Crème Eggs, this 4.5% stout was created by Goose Island UK’s head brewer Andrew Walton using cacao nibs, vanilla beans, malted barley, oats, wheat, and lactose to create the illusion of biting into one of the iconic eggs and drinking the sweet nectar inside.

Sadly, this was a United Kingdom release from the brewery and there are no plans to brew a batch for the states. The only way you’ll get to try one is to know someone in England who can send you a can. Or you can simply drink your favorite stout and pair it with a Cadbury Crème Egg instead.

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