Photo: Pontoon Brewing

Just For Big Kids: Trix and Skittles Combine Fruity Sugar Warfare in New Beer

You can keep your bran flakes. When it comes to breakfast cereal, we say the sugary, the better. We’re all about Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, and Trix — pretty much anything that fills our nostalgia void and reminds us of Saturday mornings spent watching cartoons in footy pajamas will do. But, we also like candy. It doesn’t matter how old we get, we’re always down to munch on a fistful of Skittles. But, on top of all of these childish preferences, we also enjoy beer. So, when we learned that a brewery was combining all three, we felt like someone finally gifted us that Teddy Ruxpin doll we never got as a kid.

The beer, from Georgia’s Pontoon Brewing Company, is called Rainbow Smiggles and it should appeal to every beer drinker that ever thought of following in Homer Simpson’s footsteps and brewing their own Skittlebrau. Except, this beer probably actually tastes good. The Berliner Weisse was made with a heap of Skittles and Trix cereal and the can is adorned with a rather terrifying version of the Trix Rabbit we know and love yacking a rainbow of Skittles and cereal into a tank at a brewery. It’s the most delicious nightmare imaginable and we’re all about it.

On top of being made with the aforementioned Skittles and Trix, the beer is also made with vanilla, lactose, and a bevy of fruits, including strawberries and pineapples. It will be available beginning on Feb. 7 at the brewery and wherever the brand is sold. So, if you don’t live in Georgia, you might have to take a road trip to get your hands (and lips) on this nostalgia-fueled brew.

This brew news reminds us how much we love cereal. It’s truly the most perfect meal for any time of day. Check out these GIFs that totally prove it.

Photo: Pontoon Brewing

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