The Top Breakfast Cereal Brands of All Time

Photo: Ericlefrancais, Getty Images.

Cereal used to be one of the reasons why, as kids, we bothered to get out of bed (the other reason was cartoons). As adults, we brag about eating cereal for dinner or as a naughty midnight snack. Why cereal was ever designated as a breakfast food is beyond us, because we all know it’s practically dessert in a bowl, right? Which is fine. Why shouldn’t you start your day out with something sweet?

What brand you choose for the most important meal of the day is highly personal, and likely influenced by childhood nostalgia. Whether you’ve remained faithful to one kind of cereal throughout your life or find that your tastes change as you mature, there’s no shortage of delicious cereal brands to choose from these days.

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The following eleven brands (in a very particular order!) are what we consider to be the top breakfast cereals of all time. Pour yourself a bowl or eat it straight out of the box by the fistful any time of the day.



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