The Endless Breakfast: The Genius (And Immediate Backfire) of Denny’s Latest Menu Trend

Photo: Denny’s 

Anyone will tell you that, if you want to have a productive day, you need to eat a healthy, balanced (whatever that means) breakfast. That’s why so many commercials for sugary cereals use the phrase “part of a balanced breakfast.” Well, we’re here to tell you, the sugary, sweet, tooth-aching cereal isn’t actually the important part. But it doesn’t change how good it tastes. And, since we’re less likely to eat a whole grapefruit or overnight oats in the morning, why not just indulge with something sweet, right?

For us, it’s maple syrup-slathered pancakes, scrambled eggs, and maybe nice, crispy, fried hash browns. Now, if only we could pay one price and eat as much of these breakfast favorites as our gut could handle. That would truly be amazing, right?

Well, thanks to a new meal deal at Denny’s, your breakfast dream is about to become a reality. It’s called “Endless Breakfast” and it’s available at Denny’s from coast to coast for the low price of $6.99 (although it’s $8.99 in some states).

As mentioned above, the deal includes pillowy, delicious buttermilk pancakes, cheese-covered scrambled eggs, and crispy, savory hash browns. If you need more salt in your diet, you can add sausage or bacon for only 99 cents. Like the infamous all-you-can-eat pasta deal from an unnamed well-known Italian food chain, you can post up at your table and eat as much of these breakfast staples as you can handle (or until they kick you out for eating a Homer Simpson-esque portion of food).

If you want to gorge on unlimited breakfast from Denny’s, you have only a limited time to do so. That’s because, smartly, this Denny’s meal deal will end on June 21st.


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