Meanwhile in California: Shoplifter Turns Bananas Into Hilarious Weapons During Drug Store Robbery (Video)

Shoplifters seem to be getting bolder and bolder these days…and this tale of a drug store robbery is downright bananas!

It all started in a Walgreen’s in San Francisco, California. A man in a hoodie was swiping items from behind the counter and was confronted by a male customer. The sticky-fingered thief slapped the man’s phone to the ground, then grabbed a bunch of bananas and started throwing them at him.

In a now-viral video of the incident, the robber says, “What, you wanna go?” before grabbing a bunch of the plantains from a basket near the checkout line. Then he lobs the fruit right at the man’s head, knocking his sunglasses off his face.

The banana bandit almost made it out the door, when he turned around and decided to get one more dig in. A store employee who followed him was also pelted with products. The robber got away with a big bag of free goodies.

Next time you find yourself caught in the midst of a violent criminal’s misdeeds, make sure you know where the bananas are! (And make sure they’re the firm, green kind.)

Cover Photo: New York Post