Meanwhile in America: Dumbass Caught Robbing Bank After Ironic Social Media Post About Making It ‘Look Easy’

A North Carolina man learned the hard way that social media accounts should be set to private before one goes bragging about the money you stole from the bank you work at. After allegedly stealing $70,000 from the vault, Arlando Henderson went out and bought himself a new Mercedes-Benz, posting pictures on Facebook posing with the gleaming white whip. “I make it look easy…” Henderson wrote. “But this really a process.” The process he’s referring to, of course being to rob the bank you work in on 18 separate occasions before depositing the ill-gotten gains in a nearby ATM. (#Inspirational)

After leaving a trail of evidence scattered across his Instagram and Facebook profiles, Henderson was arrested in San Diego, California, while boasting about the extra shrimp he splurged for in his tacos. Authorities are now indicting him on multiple counts of theft, embezzlement, and making false entries, which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years. Whether it was the desire for a more affluent lifestyle Henderson was after or simply the social media bragging rights of a “successful” man, we’ll never know. But we applaud him for unintentionally becoming an influencer.

Photo: Victoria Gnatiuk (Getty Images)

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