Man Eats $120K Banana at Art Basel, Proving That Some Art Is as Delicious as It Is Dumb

What constitutes art? Is it an impressionist painting by Claude Monet? The abstract paintings of Jackson Pollock? What about a modern art piece consisting of a banana duct-taped to a wall? Did we mention that it’s a real, edible, ripe banana? Is that art? Well, according to artist Maurizio Cattelan, it is. His fruit-inspired installation “Comedian” sold at Art Basel Miami Beach for $120,000. That’s a lot of cash to spend on a banana since they cost less than a dollar at most grocery stores. Throw in the thin piece of duct tape and you’re looking at a few dollars, tops. Still, someone decided to buy it. That is before someone else stepped up, snatched the banana off the wall, and took a bite.

Photo: Caroline Purser (Getty Images)

Yes, a man named David Datuna decided to eat the most expensive banana ever as shocked onlookers stood and watched. While this could have been the “performance” part of performance art, police were called. Datuna left before they arrived, but not before he got his daily dose of potassium. And nobody had to fork over $120K for a ripe banana that will be rotten within days, so that’s a win. This whole debacle proves the art world is up to some kind of monkey business.

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