Meanwhile in Florida: Overly-Eager Holiday Lover Sits Atop Family’s Roof in Nothing But Underwear, Christmas Drills in Progress

Up on the housetop, reindeer pause; out comes dear old…this dude. Straight outta Southwest Florida comes a story that, really, doesn’t even surprise us anymore. A family in Cape Coral, Florida, was awoken late one night to the sound of clatter on their rooftop. Upon investigating, they found a man, clad only in his underwear, calmly sitting atop their roof. Authorities were called and helped the man down. To his credit, the man apologized and said he “didn’t remember” how he actually got on top of the roof, but neighbors suspect drug use had something to do with it. We think it has more to do with whatever TF is in the Florida water.

Cover Photo: RapidEye (Getty Images)

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