Meanwhile in Florida: Man Loses Card Game, Sets Winner’s Car on Fire With Him Inside (As You Do)

Losing money in a game of poker can get anyone heated. But setting the winner’s car on fire is never an appropriate reaction, unless, of course, you live in Florida. It all started when Michael Psilakis Jr., 21, lost $3,500 on a few bad hands to a close friend (some friend). The situation combusted when Psilakis shot his friend in the back and set his rental car on fire with him inside.

When an eyewitness tipped off police as to Psilaki’s involvement, deputies questioned him, citing the burns on his legs. Psilakis said he’d accidentally set himself on fire while pumping gas. Then authorities brought up the internet searches they’d discovered on his web browser like “can a bullet go through seat,” “someone shot through car seat,” and “how to treat burns,” but Psilakis was unfazed. Even after authorities revealed a ballistics match prompting Psilaki’s own mom to rat him out, the slugger kept his cool under fire, surprising everyone with his incredible poker face. Despite his continued denial, Psilakis is being charged with arson, resisting arrest, grand theft larceny, and homicide. We’re just wondering how he’ll react when he remembers the poker game was paid out in Monopoly money.

Photo: Roy McMahon (Getty Images)

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