Man Hides in Street to Teach Girlfriend Not to Walk Home Alone, Lesson Obviously Ends Badly

A guy recently proved himself to be one of the biggest douchebags on the internet by trying to scare his girlfriend out of walking home alone at night. According to his story posted to Reddit, his girlfriend would complain about how creepy it was to walk home alone from work in the dark. Naturally, her boyfriend offered to pick her up but she refused every single time. Tired of her incessant complaints, he devised a plan to show her “how scary it is for a woman to walk home alone at night.” So he hid behind a bush on her path and, as she passed by, he jumped out to frighten her. Now, when we read this story, we were kind of hoping she tasered him or pepper-sprayed him or something equally hilarious. Instead, she just got super angry at him, causing him to post the entire story on the internet to find out if he, in fact, was the asshole. At least the internet is still good for something.

Cover Photo: Artem Peretiatko (Getty Images)

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