Apple Wall Charging Stand Looks Like Goofy Knob (Coincidentally What You Are If You Buy One)

Look, we know Apple is all about being innovative and some of the things they have come up with have been truly astounding. These days, technology is becoming more and more convenient for users. So much so, that now we don’t even have to plug in our technology. Stands for devices such as Apple Watches have been created that allow us to simply put our device on top of them. Now, an even newer stand has come out that plugs into any wall outlet and looks similar to a doorknob. Like many Apple “innovations” before this, we don’t see the point. It doesn’t even look good. But, on the bright side, it does save you those very precious three seconds it takes to plug your stupid watch into your stupid charger. It exists, is what we’re saying and, for some, that’s the only reason they need to buy it. (With their Apple credit card, of course.) Knobs.

Cover Photo: Apple

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