Occupational Hazard: Musician Ironically Killed By Bear While Recording Sounds of Nature

Great musicians are known to make great sacrifices in pursuit of their art. From Brian Wilson’s 40-year journey to release Smile to Def Leppard losing an arm and a leg (physically and financially) during the making of Hysteria, die-hard musicians are no stranger to danger. But a recent incident involving French-Canadian composer, Julien Gauthier, surely takes the cake. While recording nature sounds for an upcoming project deep inside the Canadian wilderness, Gauthier was killed by a bear. The sounds of a vicious bear attack were probably not the nature sounds Gauthier intended to record during his 1,500-mile trek along the Mackenzie River. Nevertheless, we hope his sonic vision will someday be realized with the help of his composing partner, who was in Paris at the time of the incident. Though his death remains tragic and untimely, at least the composer died chasing his dreams (of music, not being eaten by a wild animal).

Photo: Windsor & Wiehahn (Getty Images)

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