Johnny Depp Can’t Catch a Break, Millionaire’s Dior Ad Pulled For Cultural Appropriation

Johnny Depp, you poor bastard. After divorce and defamation with Amber Heard, getting replaced in “Pirates,” having his last movie shelved over an assault charge and then being forced to almost reconsider his “far more than” $30K per month wine tab, Johnny Depp got another kick in the designer pants when his Dior ad was pulled for cultural appropriation. Depp, reportedly of Native American descent from his grandmother, was the latest victim of yet another protest, this time with the fragrance line’s “Sauvage” cologne ad, citing the misuse of indigenous culture in an attempt to profit. The ad features Depp, who says he had (and still does) only the best intentions for underrepresented cultures, in Native American garb and strumming the notes to “Rumble” (from the Blow soundtrack, if you like movie references). All this following his work as Tonto in 2013’s Lone Ranger, another Native American tribute he was attacked for. All this to say: Cut the guy some slack! Look, he’s no longer working in the richest movie franchise, married to the hottest actress on the planet, has zero tour dates scheduled to play with rock legends, had City of Lies shelved and is reportedly only worth $200 million. Let’s give the man a chance to get back on his feet.

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