Johnny Depp Doesn’t Need Any Makeup to Shine in ‘The Professor’

Photo: Saban Films

There are two kinds of Johnny Depp films: the ones where he’s disguised in makeup and the ones where we can actually see his handsome face. The Oscar-nominated actor has been Hollywood’s resident bad boy for the over three decades, racking up an impressive filmography that shows his versatility.

Depp is a master of illusion who can transform into a gothic man-boy with Scissorhands to a newbie undercover “New Yawk” cop with the greatest of ease. Unfortunately, his chameleon abilities have become both a gift and a curse as he’s gone to the hair and makeup trailer one too many times.

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After being immersed in some messy tabloid fodder involving ex-wife Amber Heard for the past couple years, it’s good to see Depp back in his own skin for his latest film The Professor, where he plays a middle-aged college teacher who indulges in a variety of vices upon getting the big C (as in: terminal cancer). Check out The Professor (release date May 17, 2019) trailer below and our GIF list of some of Depp’s better out-of-makeup movies.

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