Johnny Depp Gives Death A Big, Inspiring Bear Hug in ‘The Professor’

Photo: Saban Films

Johnny Depp has been a lot of things in a lot of movies, but no performance outweighs his simple portrayals of humanity (that is to say, he’s better without much makeup.) His most recent role of a dying man in The Professor (spoilers ahead) depicts a smug college teacher who isn’t afraid of death nearly as much as he is moved to embrace it while he can, all while motivating the young intellectual in us all to seize our lives (and leave the “water cooler whores” behind).

Elizabeth Gilbert recently passed on some advice she got from Anne Patchett after losing a loved one:

You’ll have an infinite amount of time to belong to the eternal with her, but you only have this tiny bit of time to have this experience as a human being on Earth. Don’t lose it by trying to merge with her now. Merge with this, what’s here, the people who are here, what’s in front of you. The weird, strange, heartbreaking thing of being mortal. Do that.”

Those thoughts echo in Depp’s movie as he lays waste to anything (and anyone) that seems to not add to the quality of his remaining time. He doesn’t make a lot of grand gestures, but more tries to enrich his own life and the lives of those around him, which is a lesson unto us quasi-healthy humans. The end of the movie alone is worth the 90-minute run time, in which you’ll get sage advice from Hollywood’s greatest treasures, along with countless one-liners about not giving in to mediocrity like the other 98 percent of the world.

Here are our biggest takeaways from The Professor, keeping in mind there are some spoilers.

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