Meanwhile in Florida: Man Arrested For Having Donald Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills, Biggest Law Broken Was Poor Taste

If you’ve ever been on ecstasy, you know there are few feelings like it and you hope to feel that great again. Some drug dealers know their customer base and aim to get you back to that feeling by making you like Donald Trump‘s dream America: great again. A 23-year-old Florida man named Brendan Dolan-King was recently arrested and charged with unlawful possession of controlled substances. While that seems like a run-of-the-mill story from Florida Man, it goes up a couple of notches because the drugs seized were ecstasy pills shaped like Trump’s head. Dolan-King had five pills shaped like the United States president and they were colored — you guessed it — orange. We’re not surprised drugs like this are making their way around. What is surprising, though, is how no one has started a Twitter account for the Trump pills wherein they tweet quotes from the president, only these tweets read like he was on ecstasy. Someone needs to get out there and do that.

Photo: Tom Pennington (Getty Images)

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