Meanwhile in Florida: Donald Trump Puts Mansion on Market, Not Enough Disinfectant on Planet Earth to Entice Us

It’s been over a month since Donald Trump got kicked out of the White House. Now he’s vacating yet another home; his mansion in Palm Springs, Florida. The oceanfront dwelling has hit the real estate market at a cool $49 million.

The estate, built in 1956, is conveniently located next door to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, where Trump is currently living. (Because why live in a mansion when you could live in a hotel…right?) The 10,455 square-foot Bermuda-style residence boasts eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and 194 feet of shore views. There’s also a formal living room, sun room, family room, and library (which we can only imagine is completely empty), as well as an oceanfront balcony, patio and pool. (Check out the photo gallery below.)

Though the home has been renovated, we have to admit: it looks a little frumpy and outdated, not unlike the owner himself. Also, just the thought of occupying a home where The Donald (or any Trump for that matter) lived gives us the heebie-jeebies. Can you imagine using a toilet knowing 45’s ass had been there first? We can’t. There just isn’t enough disinfectant in the world to make us feel comfortable. You couldn’t even pay us to put our bare butts on a surface that he touched.

But someone will buy this dump, and the Trump’s will make a mint off it. So it goes with the most hated family in America.

Cover Photo: Backgrid

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