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LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 20: Lena Dunham attends the UK Premiere of "Catherine Called Birdy" at The Curzon Mayfair on September 20, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Lena Dunham Digs Own Grave With Offensive Funeral Request on Twitter

When Lena Dunham (in character as Hannah Horvath) dubbed herself “the voice of my generation…or at least a voice…of a generation,” she probably should have been more specific. As in: the voice of rich, heterosexual, entitled, white millennial women everywhere. Maybe, just maybe, she can be a voice for that demographic — the up-and-coming Karens. But the rest of the world doesn’t want her speaking for them.

Dunham has a long history of putting her foot in her mouth. It’s almost as rampant as her insufferable insistence to plaster her naked body onscreen as often as possible during awkward sex scenes in Girls, the HBO series that made her a household name.

But she may have gone too far. For real this time. We’re talking about a recent obnoxious tweet from the 36-year-old actor in which she stated, “When I go, I want my casket to be driven through the NYC pride parade with a plaque that reads ‘she wasn’t for everyone, but she *was* for us’- who can arrange?”

Well, Lena, you can want whatever you want, but don’t expect the world to bend over backwards to give it to you. In fact, you may have just killed whatever interest there was left in you, especially in LGBTQIA communities, because the Pride Parade isn’t for you. In fact, we’d bet the organizers of that event are probably thinking, “Over our dead bodies,” right about now.

But we don’t need to roast ignorant little Lena. Twitter does that for us – and hilariously so. Take it away, tweet warriors, and school this wayward lady in what allyship actually means.

Cover Photo: Mike Marsland / Contributor (Getty Images)