RANKED! The 10 Craziest Karen Stories of 2020 (That Sadly Only Reinforce the Condemning of Karens)

Photo: Peter Dazeley (Getty Images)

One of the biggest trending topics on Twitter this year has been #KarensGoneWild. There’s even a Twitter account with more than 37,000 followers to document the phenomenon that is “Karen.” If you’re unaware of what a Karen is, you’ve probably been staying off social media for the last few years (probably for a good reason). A Karen is a white woman (usually middle-aged, but not always) who creates tension or drama for no reason. This includes demanding a manager when they’re totally in the wrong, pretending to be a victim when they are in fact the aggressor, and many incidents involving an unwarranted call to the police.

To document a year full of Karens, we’ve compiled a list of the best (worst) Karens of the year so far. Check them all out below and watch out for Karens. They’re everywhere.

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