Mandatory Good News: Man Suffering a Stroke Saved By Hero Chihuahua, Beat That Taco Bell

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We rely on our dogs for a lot. We count on them for comfort and snuggles after a long day at work. We expect them to sit close to us and keep us safe when we watch a scary movie. We want them to bark and alert us if an intruder is attempting to get into our home. But, most of us don’t count on dogs to save our lives. Maybe we should.

That’s because, even though it ticked off all the other dog-related comforts boxes, a chihuahua named Boo-Boo can add saving his owner’s life to its list of skills. This is exactly what happened in North Carolina when Rudy Armstrong, an 86-year-old Navy veteran, was alone (except for his dog) on his houseboat when he had a stroke. He was unable to move his arms and legs and couldn’t get to a phone to call for help.

That’s when his hero pup, in an act that would make Lassie proud, sprang into action. Boo-Boo scampered off the boat, ran down the dock and barked at the dockmaster until it could get him to follow it back to the boat. That’s where the aforementioned dockmaster found Armstrong. He called paramedics and the man was rushed to the hospital.

The dockmaster, who called for an ambulance, helped save the man’s life. But if it wasn’t for the heroic act of the pint-sized pup, he never would have had a chance. Armstrong spent five days in the hospital and was reunited with his beloved pooch. While he’ll continue to count on the dog for comfort, he now knows he can’t count on it to save his life too.

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