Pekingese dog waiting for her parents to pick her up after surgery and after calling them with her phone.

Newly Adopted Dog Drags Owner to His Phone After Suffering a Stroke, Can Mine Do That When I Get Texts?

The ultimate act of kindness any dog-lover can make is to rescue a pooch on the precipice of destruction. Likewise, it’s only fair the mutt returns the favor, right? While you might be waiting a long time for your paw-tner in crime to pay you back, if Sadie the wonder dog is any indication, they’ll settle their debts right when you need it most.

It happened recently in Oakland, New Jersey when a six-year-old German Shepherd suddenly found her owner experiencing a stroke, and acted with lightning speed to keep him alive. Sadie began as every good dog does, by licking her owner’s face with her peanut-butter-loving lapper. As her rapid tongue-whip kept her doggy dad alert, Sadie dragged his prone body over to a phone so he could call for help.

“Sadie was the only reason Brian was able to call for help,” shelter officials said. “This time, Sadie gave Brian a second chance at life.”

The stroke victim, Brian Myers, couldn’t agree more. He lives alone and would have been completely helpless had Sadie not come to the rescue.

“I can’t wait to see her and give her a hug and a kiss and I’ll probably cry my eyes out doing so,” Myers said from his rehab center. “There are many other dogs out there waiting to be somebody’s hero,” Myers added.

OK, so she’s good in a crisis, but can Sadie drag our lifeless body over to our phone when we’re getting a text message in the middle of Great British Bakeoff reruns? Damn right she can. So, if you’re a dog-lover in need of a quarantine buddy (or just a lazy couch potato who needs to step up your text game), go out and adopt a dog today. Who knows, one day your new pup may just save your life.

Cover Photo: Anna Frank (Getty Images)

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