The Mandatory GameStop Guide to Making Riches When You’re Not Worth a Damn

Nowadays it seems like everyone is getting rich quick playing the stock market by betting on downtrodden companies like GameStop and AMC. The explosion of retail investors flocking to Wall Street has turned markets upside down and cost hedge funds a lot of money. Which is great for the little guy. But what if you’re one of the little guys who’s totally missing out on this wild time boom? Is there any way you can turn your handful of quarters into a cushy retirement fund?


Look at Jaydn Carr, the ten-year-old kid from San Antonio who just made $3,200 on a $60 investment. Or Hunter Kahn, the 20-year-old college student who woke up last week with $30,000 more dollars in his bank account after GameStop shares jumped 1,625 percent. The more the list goes on, the more we feel like we’re seriously missing out. So excavate those couch cushions, raid the sock drawer, and scour between the seats of your Ford Focus on your hands and knees because it’s time to gather up those pennies and make some dividends.

While there’s never any guarantee in actually making money playing the stock market for short term gain, there is a way to irresponsibly assume that you totally will. Introducing the Mandatory GameStop Guide to Making Riches When You’re Not Worth a Damn.

You’re welcome, future investor.

Cover Photo: Big Cheese Photo (Getty Images)

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