Meanwhile in Florida: Video Shows TikTokers Rescuing Doggy-Paddling Pup in Ocean, Doing Something Useful With Life Now Trending

If Zuko the pup was trying to flee to Cuba, his plans were unexpectedly foiled when a group of TikTokers spotted him doggy paddling across the ocean off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Unbelievably, the whole serendipitous moment was caught on doggy video.

Florida TikToker @bryncrowell was out joyriding the choppy Atlantic with a group of friends when they came across an odd-looking creature bobbing along the open ocean. Bringing their boat around, they realized it wasn’t a fish but a Jack Russell Terrier paddling for dear life.

The crew quickly jumped into the water and retrieved the pup, who was overjoyed to find a dry place to rest his paws. Watch the heartwarming rescue effort below.

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After calling the number on Zuko’s collar, they discovered his owners were also in a boat located less than 30 minutes away and promptly reunited the very lucky dog with his “crying and thankful” owners. That’s when they discovered how a feisty lap dog ended up in the middle of the ocean.

It turns out Zuko, who was busy biting at the white surf in the wake of the boat, got a little too close to the edge one time and accidentally jumped off into the sea. It wasn’t until minutes later when his doggy parents realized their little rascal was missing that they frantically recharted their course to find him. But after several hours and with no Zuko in sight, they had all but given up hope that they would ever see their beloved pet again.

Miraculously, @bryncrowell and her friends happened to be in the right place at the right time, and now Zuko is alive and well, curling up with a milk bone in the safety of his living room. Cuba will have to wait.

@bryncrowellFinal update on Zuko! Home and healthy, vet approved. Owners have learned their lesson, no need to ream them in the comments.♬ Instrumental Background Music – Happy Instrumental Piano

 Cover Photo: TikTok


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