Meanwhile on TikTok: Watch This Happy Pup Enjoy a Canine-Centric Secret Menu Item at In-N-Out


We love our pets, but there’s no relationship quite like the companionship of a dog. Border collies, golden retrievers, Australian cattle dogs, and dachshunds, we love them all. They truly are man’s best friend. They comfort us, snuggle with us on a chilly day, and are always excitedly wagging their tails when we get home. They do so much for us that they deserve a special treat now and then. And no, we’re not talking about a milk bone, we’re talking about a burger.

Not just any burger though, an In-N-Out burger. But, since the regular burger is loaded with things that aren’t pooch friendly (and might upset their stomach), there’s a not-remotely-secret menu that actually has a burger created specifically created for your four-legged friend.

@dailypawsBest friends who eat fast food together stay together, am I right? ##Foodtok ##foodies ##ChewyChattyPets ##SecretMenu ##MealPrep ##doglove ##dogperson FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Don’t believe us? The Daily Paws TikTok account recently posted a video of a pup enjoying one. It’s called “The Pup Patty” and there’s no onion, condiments, or even a bun. It’s simply an unsalted, plain broiled hamburger. It’s clear from the dog’s reaction, this beefy treat doesn’t even require all the extra fixings to be appetizing.

So, next time you find yourself rolling past an In-N-Out Burger with your best, furriest pal and have a hankering for “Animal-style” French fries, grab a “Pup Patty” too. They’ve earned it.