Meanwhile in Sexuality: Watch TikToker Breakdown Study Claiming Homophobes May Actually Be Gay

The science is out. A TikToker who goes by the name @AlphabetMafia recently outed a classic psychology study from the University of Georgia showing firm evidence homophobes possess rock-hard homoerotic underpinnings.

The scientific poking around involved a large group of men with varying opinions about homosexuality. After wiring up their johnsons (for science) with a circumference measuring device to gauge their physiological response, they were subjected to a strict set of stimuli.

In other words, scientists monitored the unsuspecting men while they watched gay porn to see who flinched first. And as it turns out, the men who identified as hardcore homophobes were the only ones to have a certain body part flinch quite rigidly at the sight of sexy fun time gayness.

Sorry, we’re not explaining it right. Here’s @AlphabetMafia for the win:


While most folks in the LGBTQ community weren’t entirely surprised by the findings of this study, there was one pretty mind-blowing thing to come out of this TikToker’s remembrance of a bygone sexual revelation.

In a time when Americans are growing more divided than ever (on every single issue), with hate being the keyword of the day, it’s worth remembering that on a physiological level, the things people claim to hate are actually the things that make them feel something powerful deep down inside.

So next time someone tells you their hate is unflinching, just remember that whether they care to admit it or not, it’s probably flinching a whole lot more than they’re letting on.

Cover Photo: TikTok (@alphabetmafia)

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