Men Less Likely to Recycle Out of Fear of Looking Gay, Study Shows You’ve Got Bigger Problems If You Think That

If there’s been anything positive since the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s that all over the world, the environment has shown positive changes. The smog that previously covered many cities is gone, the canals of Venice are crystal clear for the first time in maybe forever, and air all over the world is cleaner because people aren’t driving as much as usual. That’s why it’s vitally important, even when this is all over, to keep environmental issues at the forefront. But you don’t have to chain yourself to a Redwood tree to do your part. If you want to start small, simply make recycling a priority. And no, it’s not “gay” or “feminine” to do it either.

Confused yet? Well, so were we when we saw that a new study claims that many men refuse to recycle because they assume that it makes them look feminine or worry that people will think they’re gay. We are honestly dumbfounded by this because we can’t see a correlation between someone’s sexual orientation and whether or not they care about the environment. But, according to a study from Penn State, some guys think there is.

Over 900 people participated in the study, which examined the perceptions of men and women and why they engage in “feminine” and “masculine” behaviors. Each person read a fictional scenario of someone’s daily life and used a 10-point scale to figure out whether they believed that person was masculine or feminine.

Not only did we learn that men avoid recycling and turning off their AC to avoid looking girly, but they’re also afraid of any woman who exhibits behaviors they consider to be manly. Hopefully, they’ve been working on a time machine as their quarantine project because they’re going to need it to get back to 1950.

Photo: Fuse (Getty Images)

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