Electric Scooters Are As Bad For The Environment As They Are For Your Reputation, Study Says

One day we woke up and our cities were filled with e-scooters, littering every street corner and thoroughfare in America. The invasion was so bad in some places, people couldn’t even traverse their sidewalks by foot. But as annoyed as citizens felt, the abrupt arrival came with a silver lining: these new-fangled zero-emissions transports were good for the environment. Now, a year after the invasion, we’re waking to the truth about scooters. Not only are they pretty freaking hazardous to ride, but a new study also says they’re not as good for the environment as we thought. Get the lowdown on the showdown and check out these six good reasons why the dockless e-scooter needs a serious overhaul right now or forevermore be left behind in 2019 where they belong.

Photo: Nikola Ilic (Getty Images)

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