Get Prime Day–Level Savings on These 20 Face Masks That Are a Lot Less Boring Than the One You’ve Got

It seems like just yesterday—or maybe approx 3 million millennia ago—when face masks were not basically required everywhere you go. Now that they’re part of everyday life, you may as well get some that are at least in line with your usual style. Though a lot of the nicer-looking masks out there are pretty pricey, these 20 deals are here this week boasting Prime Day–level savings. Already affordable, these face masks are an extra 20% off for a limited time when you use promo code OCTSALE20 at checkout.

VOTE Masks

2020 is an election year, and your participation is more important than ever. Be sure to remind your friends and loved ones with a 2-pack of VOTE Masks. Not only will these serve as a friendly reminder, but for every mask purchased, $2 will also be donated to When We All Vote, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing voter registration.

MSRP: $25

Sale Price: $19.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $15.99

Washable Protective Cotton Face Masks: 2-Pack

If all you need is a basic mask that’ll get the job done, nothing is as reliable as these washable cotton masks. They’re one-size-fits-all and come in black, gray, or blue. This 2-pack of plain masks is perfect for keeping as backups in your glove compartment or your bag while on the go. 

MSRP: $19

Sale Price: $12.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $10.39

Masks2Heroes Mask with PM2.5 Filter (2-Pack)

A mask made out of the right materials can do so much more than protect you from viruses. Take these Masks2Heroes Masks for example. Each mask is made from a double layer of fabric and contains a PM2.5 filter that blocks allergens, dust, smoke, germs, and other harmful particles. They also feature an embedded wire to give you the perfect fit around your nose. Get a 2-pack today in black, pink, red, orange, or a black and orange combo. 

MSRP: $46

Sale Price: $25.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $20.79

Reusable Face Masks: 2-Pack

Many of us have to wear masks for multiple hours a day, so why not get a comfortable mask? Reusable face masks are constructed out of premium cotton that feels soft and comfy for prolonged use. These masks are available in fun colors such as yellow, teal, and pink and come in packs of two or more. 

MSRP: $29

Sale Price: $12.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $10.39

Silverplus®Tech Washable Cloth Face Mask: 3-Pack

How many times do we wear our masks between washes? Probably multiple times, if we’re being honest. Ideally, we should be wearing a clean mask every time, but sometimes, we just can’t be bothered to. That’s where Silverplus comes in. This fabric prevents the growth of bacteria which causes unpleasant odors, discoloration, and more, keeping your mask fresh for extended use.

MSRP: $39

Sale Price: $27.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $22.39

STOGO Antimicrobial Masks: 2-Pack

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to keep pollutants at bay? Look no further than these STOGO antimicrobial masks. They are constructed from REPREVE—a material made of recycled PET bottles—and treated with ViralOff Polygiene Technology to kill germs and bacteria. 2-packs are available in either white or blue colorways.

MSRP: $29

Price with OCTSALE20: $23.99

Chambray Cloth Mask

Fall is in full swing, and chambray is one of the most popular materials to put in your rotation as the days get cooler. These chambray masks are every bit as protective as a regular mask but easily more stylish. 

MSRP: $22

Sale Price: $18

Price with OCTSALE20: $14.40

Cotton Face Masks with Fun Prints: 4-Pack

These vibrant prints are sure to make a statement, no matter your age! What better way to get excited about wearing a mask than with a fun, colorful print? These reusable cotton masks come in sets of four and feature a variety of themes, such as tie-dye, galaxy prints, and mustaches. 

MSRP: $39

Sale Price: $14.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $11.99

Hawaiian 4-Layer Face Masks: 4-Pack

We deserve a vacay at this point. Hawaii sounds nice this time of the year, but we don’t recommend traveling in the middle of a pandemic. Instead, you can bring some aloha spirit into your very own home with this 4-pack of Hawaiian-themed 4-layer face masks. You’ll keep yourself and those around you safe, so we can’t help but say mahalo.

MSRP: $40

Sale Price: $34.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $27.99

Sequin Face Mask

It was only a matter of time until sequins found their way to our faces. These soft cloth masks will keep you safe while brightening up everyone else’s day. You can grab one in either rose or black. 

MSRP: $25

Sale Price: $20.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $16.79

Active Masks: 3-Pack

One of the biggest complaints about face masks is that they’re hard to breathe in when you’re doing anything more than walking. For those of you who exercise or perform regular physical activity, these active masks will fit the bill. They’re constructed out of a double layer of cotton with a thin layer of fusing to make it easier to breathe. Packs of three are available in black and white.

MSRP: $27

Sale Price: $22.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $18.39

Non-Medical Fabric Face Masks: 3-Pack

It’s a good idea to own multiple masks in case one gets lost or dirty. However, the cost might add up if you keep buying individual masks. Sometimes, all you’re looking for is a good value for the price. With OCTSALE20, you can get this 3-pack of non-medical face masks for $15.19, or about $5 per mask. They also come in a variety of designs such as animal print, camo, stars, and the evil eye.

MSRP: $29

Sale Price: $18.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $15.19

Non-Medical Fabric Face Masks: 3-Pack

The weight of your mask’s fabric can make all the difference, especially if you have to wear one all day long. This 2-pack of Masksup ultra-light and breathable masks is made out of natural rubber latex with a microfiber outer layer. These masks offer a minimum of 94% prevention against particles down to the size of 0.3µm, so you’ll be safe in just about any environment. Finally, they’re available in over a dozen fun prints!

MSRP: $33

Sale Price: $24.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $19.99

Two-Ply “Wear A Mask Save A Life” Face Masks: 2-Pack

Believe it or not, wearing a mask saves lives. If everyone does their part, the chance of spreading viruses is significantly reduced. These soft and comfy masks will help you contribute to the cause while giving your friends and loved ones a friendly reminder to cover up. 

MSRP: $29

Sale Price: $17.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $14.39

Face Mask with Clear Window: 2-Pack

Facial cues constitute a large part of oral communication, but masks admittedly make language harder. Luckily, these face masks with clear windows allow you to send a smile keeping those around you safe. The see-through layer features micropores that block particles and droplets out while allowing fresh air in. Choose from a variety of colors such as black, maroon red, navy blue, light blue, gray, and pink.

MSRP: $39

Sale Price: $16.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $13.59

2-Layer Knit Jersey Face Mask – Adult, Assorted Colors (5-Pack)

Face masks are most effective when everyone around you is wearing one, so don’t forget to pick up extras for the rest of your family! These cotton-blend knit jersey face masks are soft to the touch with gentle ear loops that won’t irritate you even after hours of use. You can buy them in packs of five or more, making it the perfect option for families or groups of friends.

MSRP: $40

Sale Price: $24.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $19.99

Copper.Ion Mask

The best defense is a great offense, and in this case, that means killing germs before they can get to you. Copper has been registered by the EPA as an antimicrobial material and has been studied disintegrating SARS-COV2 outright. This Copper.Ion Mask takes advantage of this by weaving copper into the mask itself, making it a fantastic option.

MSRP: $25

Sale Price: $17.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $15.99

Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask

Even with a mask, you’ll never be 100% safe from viruses, but if your health or the health of a loved one is at stake, this isn’t the time for half-baked measures. Using a respirator is the safest option besides staying home, and this particular respirator delivers four layers of filtration and a motorized fan to provide you a constant flow of fresh air. 

MSRP: $139

Sale Price: $49.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $39.99

Face Mask Bandana (2-Pack)

Bandanas are great makeshift options if you don’t have a proper face mask handy, but they’re also a good accessory for protecting your neck from the elements. This pack of bandanas is made from a soft viscose fabric providing exceptional comfort and durability. Grab a pack of two in yellow, blue, green, or black. 

MSRP: $28

Sale Price: $17.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $14.39

Zippered Face Cover

Bars and indoor venues are slowly opening up to the general public, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your mask just yet. Luckily, these stylish zippered face masks offer the added convenience of a zipper. Now you can sip on your favorite cocktails while staying covered. They come in a variety of fun patterns such as gingham, florals, stripes, and more!

MSRP: $34

Sale Price: $26.99

Price with OCTSALE20: $21.59

Prices subject to change.

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