Anti-Vaxxer Charged After Throwing Menstrual Blood in Court, Perfect Example For Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

You’re probably aware of the trendy arguments making the rounds regarding vaccinating (or abstaining from vaccinating) children. No doubt, you’ve seen anti-vaxxer moms on your Facebook page arguing about this very topic, despite neither side actually using scientific evidence to make their points. More often than not, they would rather just name call and share pictures of dead babies. Or, in the case of this California woman, actually throw bloody tampons at lawmakers.

Rebecca Dalelio was recently charged with one felony count of assaulting a public official when, during the last day of California’s Senate session, a group of anti-vax protestors stormed the state capitol to voice their disapproval of life-saving medicinal procedures. When yelling didn’t do the trick, Delelio decided to take it upon herself (or out of herself…*shudder*) to throw a feminine hygiene product covered with menstrual blood from her balcony seat onto the lawmakers below. The tampon splattered onto the tables, carpet and even one unfortunate state senator named Steven Glazer, who immediately went to the doctor to get tested. Luckily for Senator Glazer, when he was a baby, his parents thought it would be a good idea to vaccinate him from chicken pox, measles and the dumbass choices of a crazy woman who doesn’t understand science.

Cover Photo: Sacramento County Sherrif’s Office

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