Meanwhile in Florida: Naked Man Steals Car From Valet, Wasn’t Planning on Leather Seats

If your car hasn’t been stolen from a valet by a naked man with something to prove, do you even live in Florida? Police were recently called to the scene of a Florida hotel after a man was reported to be tormenting passersby, before eventually approaching a valet, wrestling keys away from him and attempting to steal a car. The Florida Man was actually able to drive off and led police on a medium-speed chase, before eventually being apprehended and taken to the hospital, en route to jail. Authorities say the man was probably under the influence of something, which is what probably led to his downfall. We think, however, that it was the cold leather upon which he sat that shortened both his adrenaline rush and his manhood. Had the car owner chosen a different upholstery, the chase may very well still be ongoing. That just goes to show you can never put a price on a good leather interior.

Cover Photo: Westend61 (Getty Images)

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