Man Tries To Steal Car, Gets Trapped Inside As Doors Are Guarded By A Group Of Men

Photo: djedzura (Getty)

Even though it’s 2018 and you can find a garbage car on Craigslist that will still run and get you to your job at the Cracker Barrel, people still go out of their way to to break into cars and ruin someone’s day. Well things played out a very different way when a dude in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, tried to break into some guy’s car.

Here’s how the video is described on YouTube:

“I was in Subway having a bite to eat. The owner said that he couldn’t believe someone was trying to steal his truck. Incredibly, he meant right at that moment. I stepped outside and saw the thief stuck inside the truck. The doors were being guarded by a group of guys.”

As as you’re about to see in the video below, this car jacker thought it would be a fantastic idea to not only attempt to steal a truck, but to do it in broad daylight when the car’s owner simply was trying to eat some crummy sandwich at Subway.

Have a look!

Well then, it certainly looked easier on Grand Theft Auto.

And as you can tell it looks like police had to smash this car’s window and drag the culprit out, a culprit that had a weapon on him. I”m just surprised these Canadian cops didn’t say, “Open the door now…please, sir. Just…please.”

No word yet on the identity of the thief or what happened to him, but we are going to assume he’s behind bars being served some poutine.

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