Woman ‘Steals Man’s Car’ And Drives On Highway With Him On The Hood

Photo: Ligia Botero (Getty Images)

You ever loved a car so much that you’re willing to put your life on the line to keep it from being stolen from you? I’m talking about actually jumping on the hood of the car and holding on in some sort of attempt to keep it from being stolen. No? Well the guy in the crazy video below did exactly that.

While not much is known about the video, we do know that this of course occurred on a highway near St. Augustine, Florida, and features a man holding on to the hood of his car as he yells at the motorist filming, “that b**** has stole my car!”

Is that true? Who knows. But the video sure is entertaining. Have a look!

Man, that guy sure loves his old Chevelle. Or maybe that woman dumped this guy and he couldn’t handle it so he tried to make her stop. Perhaps he just wanted to work things out. Or then again maybe his car truly was stolen.

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According to The Sun,  no incident has appeared on St Augustine Police’s online accounts, which suggests that no arrests have been made yet. So maybe this lady just pulled over and kindly gave this guy his car back. But since this is Florida chances are that is not what happened.

We will keep you updated if we get any new information! For now, just chalk this up to another Florida incident.